When you are into health and wellness products and service, it is certain that CBD or commonly known as Cannabidiol is familiar to you, especially when you are living in Europe. Europe has a large market of CBD in the health industry, particularly in the United Kingdom. However, this area has unregulated produce compared to other parts of the world. This means that customers that purchase CBD in this area are not provided with the assurance and guarantee of the quality as well as the composition of the CBD products. From the consumer’s perspective, this can be a very disappointing and confusing shopping experience. However, because we got your back, you do not need to worry. This article will help you solve some of your problems and answer some of your questions.  


Different CBD products are regulated by a lot of rules and policies at the European Union and national levels. However, this does not mean that a simple customer knows exactly what to buy as there are specific standards and regulations that will help them understand the basics of the exact compositions of the CBD products. Fortunately, if you are looking for CBD processing in Wisconsin, there are many services and companies that can help you. All are legitimate and trust-worthy.  

What is COA or Certificate of Analysis? 

COA is a document that is issued by an accredited laboratory that provides complete details of the product’s compositions. For products like CBD, a COA should have inclusions like the total list of cannabinoids, terpenes, microbiological levels, and the possible contaminants like some solvent residue, pesticides, and other heavy materials.  

Why is it Important?  

When a product is available in the market, it can be quite challenging to identify whether or not it is good or bad to the health especially when you are bombarded with a lot of choices and options in the market.  In addition, there are products in the market that have poor labels on them, making it more difficult for the customers as this can affect how the customers think about what they are really paying for.  

Labels are not enough and this is where COA becomes essential. A COA is a document that CBD manufacturers should have if they want to follow the law and policies as the COA reveals all the compositions and the detail of the CBD product.  

Is it important to check and ask for a COA before using a CBD? 

COA is not that easy to have, and you probably need to go to the company to buy it. When you now have the product, there should be a QR code that will allow you to scan and see a webpage with the product’s COA. All you need to do is to scan the code with your phone and check the COA.  

There are certain ways to obtain COA. First, you can directly ask the company. Second, Google the product and the company and obtain information online; and third, you can obtain it from the third-party labs.