Nursing as a Career

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A Nurses Path

Melanie Rogers RN, has been a vision lingering my mind ever since I was a child. It was not until January 2016 that vision, to some extent, turned into a reality. After spending so much time and money in undergrad education, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology simply did not suffice to my life plans.

I required something more, and that is where my journey started. After numerous experiences of hardship, I finally accomplished the first step of nursing school, being accepted. What was supposed to be a joyous moment in my life, quickly escalated to a stressful and discouraging path. Simply not being able to afford the continuation of my education, I found myself turning to every avenue to find funding for nursing school.

My parents were not able to assist my funding due to my father disabled status, and my mother’s income was used to provide for basic needs. I became desperate and every night consisted of being up frantically searching the internet for scholarships. Search engine after search engine, essays after essays, I hit a dead stop. Thinking to myself, this is not meant to be… focus and motivation at achieving my goal and completing my journey… was lost.

Obstacles Along The Way

“Do not give up, you have worked too hard” repeated in my head. Soon enough my father was approved for a loan. I was grateful to receive this news, but it hardly covered the cost for the semester. Gathering the rest of my savings and using the loan, I paid for my first semester at  College. Working 40 hours a week and studying full time, I made the dean list, which satisfied my mind that was full of negative thoughts of failure.

While enrolled in my third of four nursing classes, history repeated itself with my financial status and I had no choice since that day to try my hardest to make it work. Struggling to maintain good grades, and working more than full time at two different jobs, my plate is full. With all intentions to achieve my goals and completing my journey, I do find moments where I am discouraged due to my hectic schedule, but I try to look past the struggle and just try to focus on the end result.

Final Destination

Learning how to make lemonade with the lemons life has handed me, I have sacrificed moments of freedom and in turn I have gained moments of testing my knowledge and strength. Along with that, I came to a conclusion that no matter what situation I am in, I always have the ability to prosper.

One thing I learned about my facing my obstacles is that there is a reason behind my dedication. There is not a wanting for my career choice, there is a need. I need to be a nurse, I need to care for individuals, I need to always accept challenges, and I need to succeed despite any hardships. Most importantly, the world needs hard working nurses and that is the reasoning behind my push and drive.

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