Improve Your Creativity in Six Steps

By Robert Worrell | Life and Stuff

Many people don’t see themselves as creative, even though everyone has that potential inside. Creativity is extremely important, and for many reasons. If you’re creative enough, repetition will never happen. Your old habits will never be the same, and you can work out relationships, solve problems, and have a better life.

Some people are born more creative than others, but overall, creativity isn’t about what you were born with. You can develop and expand your creativity, all through the power of practicing. Whether you’re an artist or a business owner, you have to be creative at all times. With that said, there are six steps that you should use every day. Not only in your art or work, but also with your daily relationships. With these steps, you can create your own habits and change them up. Speaking of habits, you should practice creativity whenever possible, and make it go together with other habits.

Here are the six steps.

Keep a note of your creative activities.

This sounds minor, but it’s the most important out of all the steps. If you’ve written or accomplished a task, write it down. Look at your cooking, art, your habits, photography, exercise, gardening, etc. You’ll see changes in your creativity, and it can affect you in small ways. Keep tabs on it at all times. Being aware is always your first step.creativity-99

You are your biggest critic.

So calm yourself down with the criticism. You may judge your works harshly, or not enough. If it’s too harsh, try to relax it a bit. Maybe give it a name, or make it a character. If it’s not enough, find ways where you can scrutinize your own creativity, but not so much that you’re putting down everything you do.

Look at all the tiny details.

Notice the smaller things in your room, like the color in the far corner, or how many blades are on your fan. With this, you can become more in control, and your surroundings have more life to them. Pay attention to minor details such as what foot you put your socks on first, or how many notifications you get each day. Look at ordinary objects through an extraordinary lens. By experimenting with commonplace items, this will enhance your creativity like none other.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

If you want to improve a craft, feel free to ask about something you’re unsure of. Forget that you’re trying to impress. Instead, take that risk to look dumb. Ask an expert on how to do something, or just question yourself. Figure out how and why you act the way you do, and forget trying to put on the best face for people.

Learn about mindfulness.

To put it in normal terms, mindfulness is when you’re paying attention and living in the here and now. Don’t worry about the future, or regret what you did in the past. This is a simple concept, but it has power. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t look at your past and future, but concentrate on the present. This way, you’ll bring out your creativity. You’re not focused on anything, and you’re always trying to make something new. Keep expanding your attention, and soon you’ll be creativity.

Don’t forget to embrace contradictions you may have.

If you’re an extrovert, you can also be someone who likes to keep to himself. You can be intelligent, yet dumb in some areas. You may be able to make decisions, but you can be indecisive too. Don’t try to be consistent. Instead, acknowledge your paradoxes and then embrace them.

To be creative, you need to practice and make it a lifestyle. A good idea to begin is to look at the young child. Everything they see is something new. From a new toy, to playing, to crawling for the first time, they see everything with a new lens. All you have to do to be more creative is to be like the child. Be curious, open to new ideas, and try doing the six rules as mentioned. Soon, you can be the most creative person around, and you can teach others too.

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