Finding Potential in Unusual Tech Software Investments

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Sometimes I love finding unusual investing opportunities in somewhat alternative markets. This can certainly have its risks but sometimes you can strike gold with that special product, all it takes is some research and a little bit of luck.

Finding unusual stocks in small, tech software markets has proved to be very lucrative for me and I want to share some of my methods. The key is to find something unusual, out of the ordinary and away from the big name brands. It is easier than you think and there are certainly some great opportunities to be found.

What to Look for

First, you must be aware that these are high risk investments and as always you must apply your regular due diligence checks. I am looking for small companies with big potential growth, not necessarily start-ups but certainly companies in the early stages of development. The software and technology related markets can be a great starting point at the moment as these are huge growth areas.

One specific area I have had some success in is with the cell phone software and apps market. The potential growth in this area is pretty obvious. We are still in the very early stages of smart phone adoption. Even in the US market smart phones have a long way to go, and when you consider the worldwide market you can see the potential. We still have a long way to go until everyone is using a modern smart phone so this area fits my criteria.

Digging Downspy phone apps

So we have recognized a good potential growth area – smart phone software and apps, now we need to look for something we think can work. My methods involve searching out something a little bit unusual. I use my personal opinion when evaluating some of these products. Would I buy this product and if I would, it is safe to assume that others will too.

I tend to stay away from the big popular markets such as gaming and social apps. I find that there is more potential in looking for smaller, unusual and yet interesting markets, away from the mainstream.

One example I came across recently was the cellphone monitoring software market. At first this sounded a bit shady but I carried out some basic research. You really need to dig down into some of these products to gauge the potential accurately.

For research I started with the bigger spy software sites actually selling the products and then drilled down further into any information I could find to do with cell phone spy software. I found a few good websites with a lot of information, reviews and customer feedback. The Spy Software Guide was one I liked with a lot of background information on how cellphone monitoring works. If you have never heard of this type of software you should check it out.

The information was quite surprising and had a bearing on the investment potential. What at first seemed quite a shady business, turned out to be a very useful group of products aimed at parents trying to control and monitor their children’s cellphone activity.

This market shows all of the signs of having huge growth potential. As more and more kids are using cell phones for all sorts of online activity, not just making calls, so too worried parents are scrambling to find ways of keeping them safe. Again this is a market in the early stages of growth, I know most of my friend have never heard about it.

This is just one good example of an unusual market opportunity. Something which seems relatively obscure, has a positive benefit and definitely has potential for significant growth. To find really good investment opportunities you sometimes need to think a little differently and of course take a chance on your gut instincts.

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