An Easy Butt Workout for Beginners That’s Fun!

By Robert Worrell | Easy Exercise

but exercise

Toned arms, smooth legs, a tight core, all of them are important when achieving a great body. But don’t forget about the booty! If you feel like your butt could use some tightening, you have to do some squats and lunges to fix that. But these workouts can be so boring.

With that said, you can make them fun, and not have to suffer from exercise monotony. In this article, we’ll give you five ways you can improve your booty workouts and give them the spiced-up workout that it deserves. Plus you can lose some weight from problem areas!

Some people may think that exercise has to be boring, as if it’s a dead-end job. But working out can be fun, and by making it something you’re eager to do instead of an obligation, you will be motivated to do it more. Don’t do an exercise that you hate. There are alternate exercises that will deliver you the same results, and they can be fun to do.

but exercise

We’re going to list them off, and teach you how to adapt to them. By incorporating fitness workouts that are entertaining, you can enter the gym with a smile instead of an apathetic expression.

With that, let’s look at the five different ways you can have a creative booty workout. To begin, we all know your goal. You want a lifted, firm booty that makes all the men (or women) stare. The technical term for your butt is the gluteus maximus, and lunges and squats are known to tone it. Lunges are effective because they work out more than just your behind. They tackle your entire lower body, making it ideal.

For extra resistance, add some dumbbells while you lunge. It increases your arm strength, and provides a challenge. Avoid it if you’re new, however.

So what’s a lunge? To make it simple, it’s a thrust that’s sudden and forward. Your arm will be outstretched, as if you’re attacking or grabbing someone. You can also compare it to a move in fencing, where your main foot will be thrust straight, touching the floor, while your back leg is straight.

Let’s look at the workouts. We’ll begin with:

Backward Lunge

Stand straight and move your feet shoulder-width. Your hands should be on your hips, and you’ll be doing a backwards lunge using your right leg. Go as low as comfortably possible. If you can’t go all the way down, that’s okay. But make sure your back is straight and your left knee doesn’t move too far from your toe. Keep this position held for a few seconds, and return.

Forward Stepping Lunge

This one’s simple. You do the same thing you did with the first exercise, but reverse it. It does require a bit more focus. First, step forward and do the lunge position, making sure you balance everything. Keep your movements controlled and slow, and keep the pose held for a few seconds. Rinse and repeat.

Continual Lunge With Gliding Balance

Also know as a gliding lunge, you switch it up. You start backwards, go forward, and never move your foot to the middle. This is a more advanced workout, challenging balance, coordination, and providing more stress on that core of yours. Tips include keeping it slow and controlled, as usual.

The Lateral Lunge

Lateral sounds complicated, but it just means sideways. By doing side lunges, you can work out your thighs quite well. Begin with your feet together and your hands right on those hips. Step to the right using your right leg, and do it as wide as possible. Keep your left foot in the starting position. Keep that right leg straight, and sit yourself back.

Then, bend your left knee. Your right thigh should be about parallel to the ground. As usual, keep everything slow and straight, and your knee should be right behind the toe. Hold for a few seconds, and then return.

The Multi-Directional Lunge

Finally, we have the hardest exercise. Not only does it stimulate all the muscles as the previous four, but it also gives your brain a good workout as it tries to balance your body. You do one of each of the previous four exercises, beginning with your right leg and going to the left. Do all four, not stopping, and do ten sets, if you can. Your entire body will be feeling the burn!


These exercise are fun because they actually keep your physical and mental sides completely engaged. The complex movements will prevent boredom, and your mind will thank you for it later. Each workout will engage your muscles differently, so your butt will be strengthened on all sides, making it much easier. And soon, you’ll be having the booty of your dreams!

So what are you waiting for? Give these workouts a try. Your body will thank you for it later. You’ll be having fun, and you’ll soon sport a great butt to boot.

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