Brazil Nuts: An Effective Testosterone and Selenium Supplement

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You’ve probably heard that big things often come in small packages, the same is true for the Brazil nut. Can you think of any other nut with the ability to increase testosterone levels and raise selenium levels? In my opinion, this may very well be the king of all nuts – the BRAZIL NUT.

Brazil nuts are a great source of bio-active selenium, in fact as little as one to two Brazil nuts daily can easily give your body the selenium it needs to function at optimum levels.

Selenium is mainly found in plants that are grown in rich soil and is referred to as a trace mineral because it’s only needed in small amounts. While you may not recognize the importance of trace minerals, you may be surprised to find out what a deficiency in selenium can cause.

Here you will find out everything you need to know about Brazil nuts: why they are an effective selenium supplement and how eating them can help you to boost your testosterone levels – for both males and females.

Motivational Reasons Why You Should Add Selenium to Your diet

Selenium has been attracting a lot of medical attention lately because of its antioxidant properties. Antioxidants work to reduce damage to cells from free radicals. “Free radicals” refers to problematic cells within the body; they are classify as “free” because they lack critical molecules, leading them on a rampage to pair with other molecules robbing them to quench its needs.selenium_brazil_nut_22selenium_brazil_nut_22

Free radicals don’t just kill cells to compensate for the missing molecule. If that was the case, it would not be so detrimental – our bodies are equipped to regenerate new cells. The problem is, their actions often injure cells, destroying their DNA – planting the seed for diseases. When the cell’s DNA has been altered, it becomes mutated and reproduces abnormally at a faster pace.selenium_brazil_nut_22

As mentioned earlier, Brazil nuts are great sourceselenium_brazil_nut_22s of selenium, and as such, these nuts may just be the most important thing in your cupboard. While it’s not needed in large amounts a deficiency in selenium can prevent you from producing sufficient glutathione peroxidase and reducing cellular detoxification.

Glutathione peroxidase converts harmful toxins to byproducts that your body removes and protects you from dietary hazards. Studies have shown that increased glutathione peroxidase and selenium supplements are effective at combating cancerous cells.

Selenium can also aid in the optimum function of the thyroid gland. Considering your thyroid plays an essential role in your body’s metabolism, low selenium levels may also cause fluctuations in your body’s weight.

Eating Brazil Nuts Daily To Replenish Your Selenium Levels

Brazil nuts contain a higher percentage of selenium than most other sources – another plus is its delicious creamy taste. Just one nut has around 50 mcg of selenium and in some cases you will find as much as 90 mcg. The selenium content of each nut may vary depending on the soil it came from. 100 grams of raw Brazil nuts is said to have 2550 mcg – 3643% of the RDA for selenium.

Brazil nuts are a delicacy, and even though you may love to eat 100 grams at once, it’s certainly not advisable,too much selenium can also cause health issues.selenium_brazil_nut_22 Some people have experienced severe acne and joint pain after consuming excess selenium.

So stick to 55mcg a day, which is the recommended daily allowance – usually equivalent to one nut. If you have other selenium foods in your diet, for example mushrooms, shrimp and salmon, that’s probably all you need.

Some nutritionists have expressed concerns about the selenium RDA being too low, arguing that they body needs at least 100 mcg daily. If you are like me and prefer this option, two Brazil nuts should suffice; giving you all the antioxidant, skin and thyroid benefits of selenium. I personally enjoy the company of these nuts on Saturday evenings when I’m starving and have not gone shopping.

Brazil Nuts as a Testosterone Stimulant

Recent research has also indicated that selenium can enhance testosterone levels for infertile men and there are many arguments trending on fitness forums today that Brazil nuts are effective libido stimulants. By simply taking 2-3 nuts before and after bed, you could reinvent your entire bedroom experience.

Sure, it’s possible that these new benefits are direct results of the increase selenium levels in the body, but Brazil nuts are also great sources of the amino acid arginine, zinc and good fatty acids that are needed to produce testosterone. All of these nutrients have played their part in Brazil nut’s long-standing reputation as the king of all nuts.

It’s not just men, women can also benefit from these nuts. Even though they don’t require or produce as much testosterone, boosting their selenium levels will also make them an equal competitor in the bedroom. However, eating too much selenium for a few more minutes of pleasure in the bedroom may be harmful in the long haul. Read on to find out why.

Excess Selenium, Side Effects of Eating Too Much Brazil Nuts

According to the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine,an adult should not consume more than 400 mcg per day, while kids require much less. Six naturally grown Brazil nuts may exceed this. Although there are rare cases of selenium overdose, side effects may include extreme nausea and vomiting. In more severe cases, people have experienced hair loss, muscle weakness, irritating skin lesions and discolored fingernails.

It’s important that you consume the right amount of selenium but be sure not to overdo it. If you live within areas of the United States such as Pacific Northwest, parts of the Atlantic Coast and the Great Lakes region where crops are produced with low selenium levels, an overdose is unlikely.

A study done on selenium absorption involving participants that took 400 mcg of selenomethionine and other who consumed two Brazil nuts a day revealed that the body absorb selenium from the Brazil nuts more easily. Brazil nuts are said to contain vitamin E that enhances the benefits of essential minerals. So start munching on one or two Brazil nuts a day and experience all it has to offer.

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