A Nurses Journey

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Why I Want to be a Nurse

My journey to become a registered nurse has had many challenges but none the less has been very rewarding and worth it. I knew I wanted to become a nurse since I was a little girl. My grandmother was a nurse, for many years until she passed. However, for me what made me realize that this was my calling was when I was eleven years old my father was raising us as my mom was addicted to drugs had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and died. I had so many questions and vowed that I will become a nurse so I can help keep people alive and provide care they need.

Throughout my journey I have become a mother of 4 including my niece who I have adopted. I have been a domestic violence survivor. I have had to make many sacrifices towards my education, whether to work to provide for my family or take time away to be with my children who are all under age of 9 years old. I have been so dedicated to becoming a registered nurse, by giving up sleep to study, trying to find ways to pay for school and just being devoted to my passion and career.

Like many while pursuing my journey to be a registered nurse I worked as a medical assistant in many different specialties. For me this was a great way to get my foot in door and build my confidence with patients, doctors and procedures however I always find myself nervous with new things.

It also allowed me to be able to follow nurses that I work with and see the different practices each nurse has and get the actual in practice point of view to see how different nurses handle different situations so I’m able to analyze how I would do things different, or ask questions when unsure of why the nurse has done certain things.

Rewarding Vocation

My journey has molded me into becoming a better individual as well, I have grown more empathy, compassion and understanding than most a lot of my peers. I have grown to be more of a critical thinker and analyzer when coming to patient’s needs and care. Last semester on my journey to become a registered nurse one of my patients at clinical unfortunately went into cardiac arrest and has passed away but I was able to call that code and not only assist but lead in to the rapid response when other students were afraid.

The praises that the doctors, nurses and anesthesia have given me and told my professor reassured me not to give up on my journey because this is what you are to do save lives and be there for others.

Another factor on my journey to become a registered nurse as a mother I spent countless nights in emergency room and NICU with my babies. So I can relate to others in many aspects of healthcare because I have lived it, or currently living it now. It’s always one thing to care for strangers but when it is your own child you tend to allow the emotions of fear show more, however my journey has given me the tools to be able to be a mom and still a future nurse and not lose my composer.

To me nursing is my calling what I was destined to do I can’t imagine me having any other career. I love helping those in need, I love being there for others and supporting them letting them know they are not alone and it’s ok to be afraid as long as you know someone is standing by your side and together we can get through it.

I want to be a nurse because this is a job I would take even if it required no pay, because I want my kids to grow up and be able to give others the love and support I received and have given and the generations to come. I’m committed to my community and those who are ill or in need of support and care, Nursing is my destiny.

My journey has been tough, lonely and frightening. There have been days I felt my only option was to give up, or that I couldn’t take no more. Last semester for example my little sister mother has died from cancer and it was so unexpected that through the entire family off I got lost and depressed and failed my semester because I wasn’t able to give my all.

Life Goals

I know now more than ever I can’t allow outside things to steer me away from my passion as much as I love my mom it made me upset to come this far and now have to do my class all over; I was embarrassed and ashamed of myself. However I refuse to give up and will not until I reach my destination of becoming a registered nurse because aside from my kids nothing else in this world means more to me.

I have come so far and I am so proud of the tremendous accomplishments I have made thus far. With the long school hours, studying long hours, being nervous at clinical afraid you may mess up, just all the time and effort put into my journey was worth every second. Every morning and night I wake up and go to bed asking what I am going to do, so I get closer to my goal of becoming a registered nurse.

I pride myself in the knowledge I have gained and constantly evolving. I know with positive role models I will make it to not only finish nursing school, but graduate and pass my registered nurse board and be the Registered nurse I have always inspired to be.

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